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Added Overhead DVD, Speakers, Sound deadening, and USB charger port.

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While I am waiting for seat installation to be fixed by another company. I did some upgrades to the Transit.

-Changed out Factory Speakers and added sound deadening. Sound deadened all sides in the rear, sliding door, floor, and roof.
- Installed 2 overhead monitors with DVD player
- Installed USB charging port. This actually was a perfect fit in the factory 12V socket.


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Looks really nice. Can you tell me how you mounted the screens? Did you screw through the headliner or cut some out for mounting into the roof truss? I am looking to put in a roof mount for our TV. It will be about 14 pounds total. But, reading elsewhere on this site about the weak roof I am concerned. I looked through the upfitter manual and didn't find anything. They show suggested drilling an mounting points on the sides but nothing on the roof. I emailed Ford but haven't heard back yet.
- Installed 2 overhead monitors with DVD player
Hey, did you run audio from the DVD player through the factory stereo? How many inputs are there? Can you select it with the "Media" button?

1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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