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About to place my order

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Like the post says. I'm real close to placing my order for the van. Although I've no idea how long it could take to see it. As I understand it they are close to closing orders for the 2015 so they can get ready for the 2016's. Who knows. I keep getting different lead times from the dealers.

Heres what I'm planning to order so far. I'm open to comments as to weather anyone here thinks I'm missing something or have something that's probably not worth having. I tried to keep it simple because I plan to do my own conversion.

250 Hi Roof 147.6'' WB Long
3.5 Eco boost
3.31 limited slip differential
Blue Jeans color
Back tilt out windows and sliding door window w/ tilt out. (I believe this adds privacy glass as well). Although I'm not sure back tilt outs are an option.
Two additional keys
Four user-defined switches (I think this option adds dual batteries and 220
amp alternator)
Long arm heated mirrors with turn signals
Front map lights
Leather Seats
Cruise control

I was on the dealer build site this morning an it does not show the option for the four user-defined switches or the extra keys. Not sure it that has changed. I'll check at the dealer today and post if I hear something different.

Couple of quick questions before I head out.

1. I'm thinking of going with Leather seats. But the leather upgrade changes to to 10 position power seats. What I would really rather have are swivel seats. I haven't seen a good aftermarket for a swivel yet but If one comes out I wonder if it won't work on the power seats. Really need an opinion on this one. To get leather power seats or just cloth.

2. Is there even enough room for a swivel seat up there. After being in the Sprinter which has a lot of room to the Transit which is kinda tight between the front seats. Will there even be enough room to say swivel the passenger seat around.

3. Did everyone pay the destination charge when buying their van. This charge just bugs the sh*t out of me. They should just put down "Extra fee because we feel like it". If it was $250 I probably wouldn't even squawk about it. But here it's in the neighborhood of $1100. Did anyone get the dealer to drop it or at least reduce it?

4. This one is kinda minor and know it is all personal choice. I'm stuck between two color choices. I'm going to be driving this thing a long time and I don't want to get sick of looking at it. I'm torn between Blue Jeans and Sterling Gray. Just wondering what colors others were choosing and why they like them.

Wow!!!! Long post. I'm thrilled if you hung with me and lasted this long. As always thanks for the input guys.
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I was going to go with the long power heated mirrors, til I saw them in real life.... much too dorky and just didnt look "right" in my eyes.

Opted for the short style power heated mirrors, looks much better and cleaner.

just my 2 cents...
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