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Abilitrax Super Crew / Crew Floor

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Has anyone actually installed a crew or super crew floor in a Transit cargo van? I'm seriously considering this, I was just looking for some feedback and photos. The photos on the Abilitrax website are just mock ups. Thanks
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I recently added some pricing info that I got from speaking directly to an Abilitrax sales rep. They are trying to work with Line-X shops to become dealers and installers of their "system". I suggested that they should try to develop a seat base that would be compatible with OEM seats. This MAY be something they will add in the future......that would sure be nice because there are probably alot of oem seats out there for sale and I'd like to be able to match any "added" seats to the factory driver and front passenger seats.
There system is pretty spendy, but it does offer the flexibility that Ford does NOT currently offer. Still can't believe Ford doesn't see the benefit of a crew van or 4x4 to compete with others!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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