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A different way to carry your bicycles inside

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I used plus nuts to attach a product called velo hinge made by Feedback Sports sold at Performance Bicycles on both the D pillars. Then, I bolted fork mounts to the velo hinge and now I am able to hang my bikes and take up very little room. The handle bars and pedals fit just inside the door. You will have to push your seat post in all the way or take the seat post out if you want to hang both bikes at the same time. My photo only shows one bike but I can hang two. The best part is that the velo hinge allows you to swing the bike 90 degrees when you open the door so that you can access your stuff in the rear of the van. We also ran L-track front to back recessed in the floor and then two more L-tracks side to side so that we can carry additional bikes and strap down stuff while traveling. Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to rotate the photos but the first two may not be oriented correctly.


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How do you hang two? I'm looking to hand two side by side but don't want to give up the 3.5' or so width to do so. In my garage I have the bikes hanging on hooks by the front wheel. The hooks are slight offset and the bikes are turned. I want to replicate that setup as they only take about 2.5' width.
Cool thanks for the info... have you ever seen a fork mount mounted vertically instead of horizontally? For me a vertical mount that allows the handlebars and fork to be turned perpendicular to the frame would be the easy solution. but i've never seen it done and also wonder if there is any issues with it being done that way.
Another thought I have is to hang the bikes vertically with the rear wheel at the top.
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I picked up my saris triple track mount today. I'm mounting above the windows but below the wiring guide on the drivers side of the van. Two road bikes side by side mounted vertically from the front fork. I think it'll work perfect but I prolly coulda diy-ed for less money. I did buy it on Craigslist though!
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