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65"x39" Solar Panels?

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So 65"x39" is a common size for solar panels. Does anyone have pictures of installation with the 65" dimension across the short dimension is the roof? I'd just like to get a feel for how it looks.
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(Transit cargo van LWB) no pictures, still in the process of mounting them. i got a big aluminum roof rack, (67x124 of mounting space) i am hoping to fit two 65x39 panels and one 45x26 panel for 610 watts total. i got a 14 inch roof vent too so that is the reason for the 26 inch panel, (39+39+14+26) the vent may cause problems but the entire rack an easily be moved forward or backwards a few inches so i think i can make it work
yes, there is at least 70 inches up there without overhanging the sides
27x59 inch solar panels mounted cross ways by one of our forum members (pictures)
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i am sure there is but it all depends upon where you mount your fan and air conditioner as to how much room on your roof is left over for solar panels
my Prime Design roof rack has an outside measurement of 70 inches and an inside measurement of 67 inches, it does not extend past the sides of the van (pictures, but not a very good rack for solar)
if it is of any help to you, roof rack mounting info
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the stuff of dreams, nice!
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