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'64 Ford Econoline is worn out

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Actually, it has been since 1974 when I sold it and the buyer drove it from NC to Texas with no problem.
Now after 40 years I am thinking a Transit Conversion Van is what my wife and I need to see the USA with our dogs when I retire in a few years. The Sprinters are nice but the cost, and serviceability keep me looking. I don't expect to do the service work I used to do on the old Econoline with a flat blade screwdriver but with a dealer on every corner, who needs to.

Who doesn't appreciate the MB engineering, the stable nimble ride and they are even assembled not too far away from me...but there is just something about driving a Ford. Why can't we make those engines here?

...and please offer the AWD soon! I don't need it to scale El Capitan but don't want to be stalled the first time a little snow hits the roads. :D
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stmlandplan, the Sprinters are partially reassembled close to you. Just the cargo vans.

Yeah the Sprinters are a wonderful, comfortable drive, but overly complicated engineering, lack of service facilities, and very expensive service when more than just the basic services are needed has turned us off on them. We've had 2 with various issues they shouldn't have had, and were ridiculously hard to get fixed, (multiple visits).

I believe all the gasser engines & the transmission that will be in the Transit are made here. The diesel will come from South Africa
glad to hear only the diesel is made off-shore...or did I misinterpret that comment?

I've heard or read so many stories about the cost and difficulty of service of the Sprinters that I'm holding out a lot of hope for this Transit.
Diesel only from off-shore. I would assume that if the diesel is popular enough, which I doubt will be, they would move it probably to Mexico to build for North America.
The current Powerstroke 6.7 V8 is built in Mexico
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