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Just looked at the orders we have in the Ford Ordering System and the total is 54. From those orders, 3 are built and at the holding lot ready for delivery. 14 are assigned build dates with 37 orders sitting in the 'Unscheduled - Clean' status waiting for build dates with 23 of them customer orders.

Ford just rolled another 31 allocations for the 2nd quarter to us but it is of no use when they can't build the ones we have ordered under previous allocations.
This doesn't even include the 20+ 'forced' stock order units they placed on us and some have build dates while others are there and could be pulled at any time.

We should be grateful that Ford has at least sent us 10 Transit customer orders to date with 9 of them AWD models. Most dealers do not have one AWD model and with the high allocation number we have had for the Transit model, we were able to get these ordered and delivered. Now working with Ford to get the rest of our orders processed once the Transit plant starts back up for production.

Made contact with our new Kansas City District Manager this week and he will be working closely with us to get our orders completed once the plant gets back into production. His first task was dealing with the 3 customer orders that had the 12V PowerPoint option missing on their Transits. He contacted the assembly plant and found out what the problem was and we now have the part numbers for the socket and wiring harness to get those parts ordered and then placed on those Transits. Next on his list of tasks is the HD Tray Style Floor mats being deleted from the Transits with the Front/Rear Vinyl Flooring option. When Ford took away the availability of ordering those mats on the 2020 Ford Transit Order Guide back in November, it left the Transit orders already processed with the option in place but once it got to the assembly plant, the option went off the parts listing for installing in the van. So those Transits were delivered without the mat inside the plastic bag for installation and we had to use the ones we had on hand from the parts department. His work is to get those missing mats from the plant and back into our parts inventory so we can use them for future sales if needed.

We are now waiting for the new start date for the Transit plant to start production. At first we were told it would be March 30th and that date has been changed to a possible April 6th date that depends on the decisions from Ford and the UAW local office. Each Ford plant will be looked at individually and conditions at each plant will determine when they start back up for building vehicles.
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