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4" to 8" easy upgrade

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Hello. Newbie Here I just want to share my experience swapping my 4" to 8"
Just bought a 2021 transit t350 HD and want to have the 8" screen after reading here. Got an ecosport 8" screen at ebay for $220. And a 4 gen APIM FOR $300 with programing. Install the 8 screen but the APIM was taking to long to arrive. So when on a web search and found a website call cyanlab. Which have the 3.4 update for free. Installed on the van. Once the installation was finish. The screen when totally blank. nothing work. I had no Voice command, wifi, ford pass. Did a hard reset to the APIM by pressing power and skip forward and viola everything star to work perfect even did the auto update from ford. So for anybody looking to do this upgrade. On newer fords 2019 and up. There is no need to get APIM.
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I wonder if this upgrade would work on a 2022 transit with the base 4" radio with sync 3? Any thoughts?

If it would work, I think it would be a great way to retain manual HVAC controls and have a decent size 8" touch screen... exactly as you would have been able to order it in 2021.

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