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the weather here had some large temperature changes over 3 days
35 to 93F

Was installing some vinyl tiles using 3M#90 -

2 days the temp was in lower 90f -

the #90 set up quickly and when being joined it went together
with a crackling sound -
I have been told that the sound is caused by the cross linking of the
chemical chains happening so fast that it makes sound -

Bond was Excellent Quickly -

Next day it was 35 to about 55F -

Installing tile using #90 setup time was 5x longer or more -
When joining the cracking sound was not there -
good bond time was much longer -and possibly not as good

The spray nozzle and the texture of the #90 is Excellent-
very little overspray problems --

Installed some foam insulation today using 3M#285 spray -
It seems to have bonded well -its made for use on insulation board-

working time is less than 5 minutes so I waited for temp to cool off
before installing a complicated part- worked well - 75F
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