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2022 - Van Year in Review - How much did you use your van?

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November 2021 I took possession of my 2020 AWD 250 Long-High. Converted by Adventure Wagon with their Moab bed, Mule bags, Espar heater, Smartfloor with 2 extra seats. So 2022 was my first year with a done adventure van at the ready. I used it a bunch, even while still working full time, but wish I had used it a lot more. Traveled to MOAB, Telluride, Jackson Hole plus all over the PNW. Being a spreadsheet geek, I logged my trips and wanted to share with the group and see how their year went! Early fall I was at 26 nights and a friend told me "Just 10 more nights and you'll be at 10% of the year in the van." I didn't make it as life got in the way this fall, but it's my goal for 2023. Here it is...

28 nights - Mostly just me, a few nights with spouse/friend
  • 14 Boondock - no facilities of any kind
  • 8 Residence - driveway, hotel parking lot - access to some facilities
  • 6 Campground - access to pit toilets, water. Occassionally shower and flush toilets. No RV parks.
4 nights on loan (kids and friends)
  • 2 Residence
  • 2 Campground
I didn't track the dozens of day trips skiing and mountain biking that were greatly enhanced by having the big, tall van with all the amenities to haul gear, people, get changed, make coffee, lunch, etc. Just a game changer of decadent comfort every time I use it. (One feels quite superior in the ski hill parking lot, sitting inside making coffee while the guy next to you who just pulled up in his SUV is getting his gear on in 20 mph winds and snow blowing sideways.) The AdWag kit has allowed me to move every thing around a handful of times, and even take everything out to make runs to the dump, move furniture, bring the kid to college, etc.

As we know, the van is never finished. I've added the front VC lift, AT tires for summer and dedicated snows for winter (on painted OEM wheels), Viair compressor, low-tech water jug and manual pump, fold down wall shelf w/storage, sliding tray with bike and ski rack, Flatline roof rack, back door ladder with Lolo bike hooks, Backwoods bumper with crazy bright lights. Best mod - Custom quilted window shades made by my 80 year old mom! Continued refinement to continue...

Hope you all had a great 2022 in your Transit and may 2023 be even better!
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About 22k miles

75+ materials or trash hauling trips
200+ stops at the store
12 airport pickup/dropoff trips
300ish trips to go running. 12+ of which involved lounging and picnicking at trailhead at Mt Tam or China Camp
20ish round trips hauling theater set materials and props
6 camping/road trips of 500-1500 miles roundtrip
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