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Interesting exercise given my current angst over whether to keep or sell the van.

I counted 23 nights, which isn't too bad I guess. It would have been 16, but two of us got mild cases of covid at the beginning of a vacation with friends, so we slept in the van and stayed out of the house. Without the van we would have just gone home.

4 nights were curb-camping in front of various friends' houses. Really nice if they don't have space for you to stay, and often it's just more comfortable.

CA did have an unusual amount of rain in spring/summer 2022, and on 2 camping trips we were very glad to not be in a tent.

We didn't get to do our typical summer multi-state road trip, instead we flew to Denver (F- that). Since we got a new dog, it seems more likely we'll drive this summer.
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