i'm considering selling the new van i just bought this summer. i originally was going to order a build with more options, though decided to go for something simpler in hopes it would arrive sooner (though it still had a long delay). after taking it on a couple trips, i'm seeing that i'd really like something much bigger for the way i want to travel. (i was also planning on just using this until one of the electric trucks i've ordered is ready, though after seeing some range tests towing and that prices have gone up on the f150 lightning (and that it's still going to be a while before any of my reservations will even be available to order), i'm thinking of just getting a gas truck and trailer for now)

the van currently has just over 7k miles on it and it's located in florida. it's in great condition and will look like new after a wash + clean. i may take it on a quick trip north to see some fall foliage, in which case it might have around 9k miles on it by the time i take the long out-of-the-way route there and back. the very large majority of all miles have been on trips, mostly on rural roads / highways with a little interstate driving. (for a better break-in period, i drove at different speeds and with more local driving in the first 1000 miles) the overall fuel efficiency i've calculated since the first fill up, up to the most recent fill up, has been over 21 mpg. on the trips, this was mostly driving at 50 or 55 mph with cruise control, with sometimes setting it at 60 mph or faster. i don't know how much weight i've got in it, though guesstimating it might be around 1000 lbs when loaded.

the van is a 2022 ford transit 150 with the following specs / factory options:

  • standard oxford white exterior with dark palazzo gray vinyl interior
  • 148" wheelbase
  • medium roof height
  • 3.73 limited slip axle
  • adaptive cruise control
  • dual agm batteries (70 amp-hr each)
  • perimeter anti-theft alarm
  • load area protection package (includes full height polyproplyene panels on walls/doors and front/rear vinyl floor covering with wheel well covers and scuff plates)
  • cargo tie down hooks
  • extra 12v powerpoint
  • wiper activated headlamps

i've currently got a basic camping setup inside the van, though am planning on removing it all (to use in a trailer in the future), figuring the buyer will want to do his/her own setup. however, if you happen to want the build or any of the components, i can sell those for extra. no holes were made in the van when doing the build, and only 2 rivnuts / plusnuts were installed using existing holes inside the van. the main functions / features the build has are: a comfortable Milliard 6" thick twin xl (78" x 38") memory foam mattress (on a tall wooden bed frame with birch plywood walls around part/most of it), a ThinkTank compost toilet inside a large wooden box, a 26 gallon fresh water tank, a Whale Systems Gusher Galley MkIII foot pump, a RecPro 13" round stainless steel rv kitchen sink, a 500 lb drawer slide that holds 2 large sealable containers for food and a larger container for clothes, a lockable storage area for gear with a Jackery 500 portable power station inside, a set of 12v string lights, a wooden step to easily hop up into bed (as the top of the mattress is at a 42" height above the floor) that can also act as a seat, a wooden door that swings out for quick privacy in the rear area, and the entire build is completely lockable and inaccessible when locked. it doesn't look any other build and isn't exactly pretty or instagram worthy, though it sure beats camping in a tent. i spent a total of 14 nights in the van. the build does have some issues that would need tweaking/fixing if you want to use it long term (some things in the build ended up changing and not going as planned, and things got rushed towards the end, especially when i had to get the van done and packed to leave florida as the hurricane was approaching the state).

if you'd like to buy it, please email me at: [email protected]

when i bought it, i traded and paid cash for the balance, so there is no loan nor liens on the title. i can sell it now or hold it until later if you can't make it here right away or need time to secure the funds. i'll accept cash or wire transfer for payment.