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2021 High Roof LWB-EL Interior dimensions help and sanity check

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Hi. So I'm looking to purchase a 2021 High Roof LWB-EL transit for a van conversion so I'm trying to put together a drawing of the interior dimensions. I have found the official specifications and I'm trying to follow it to generate my version of the floor in cad but I feel like I'm missing some key details. I'm hoping that perhaps someone can help me out here.

Attached is the PDF of my CAD drawing so far. I have annotated it with my questions and some comments on how I derived these interior dimensions. Any help would be appreciated.

Below is the specification that I used.



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Does anyone own a 2020 or 2021 Transit 350 High Roof Extended Length that doesn't have a bulk head. Manual says 172" but I would think the ford manual would only give the true cargo area (up to the seats). But really we'd like to know the distance between the Dash right under the radio all the way to the back with doors shut. wondering if i can fit a 16foot board in there
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