Partially built 2020 Transit 148 MR for sale in NY/CT.

950 miles.

Most of the heavy stuff is already done (cabinets are not bolted down if you wanted to go with another layout) All you will really need to do is the electrical, plumbing, walls/ceiling, finishing stuff.

Still have a number of other parts not installed such as kitchen stuff, etc.

Not looking to making a killing but I also want to be as much with the market as possible. I’m just all out of bandwidth on this and am looking to move on from it.

PM me with any questions you may have; I have tons of pictures and will answer anything you may want to ask.

Between market value, trade in value, and similar vans for sale across the country; I have the van itself around 60k. Without really crunching numbers I probably have about 7500 into it plus man hours.

I’m starting in the 65k OBO range but ALL reasonable offers are welcomed and encouraged.

Thank you!