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2020 Transit Cargo LWB AWD 350
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Recently, I completed a design for a simple to mount switch guard to keep your passenger from turning on switch #4 every time they sneeze. It protects all 4 switches from accidental use, and allows their identity to still be seen. It can be 3D printed using filament that matches the slate grey interior (beware not all cloud printing services have this color filament.)

It's been a lifesaver (well, not exactly, but still) since I added several light bars to my 2020 Transit 350 HR conversion van. I jokingly say the main light bar is "the light of a million suns", but it's really bright for being off road and really blinding to oncoming cars if it's accidentally switched on. I was motivated by this in getting this design just right.

It should work on many year models but a 2020 was used for the design. You can check by seeing if the overall space surrounding your aux switches is 107mm x 58mm.


Print settings (Cura):
  • Combing = on
  • 4 layer walls, 4 layer top/bottom
  • Support (everywhere)
  • Brim (8mm)

It's installed using some high quality 3M 2-sided foam tape, 5mm in width ideally.
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By printing vertically like a tower, the printer will leave the lines in a smooth pattern. I tried a horizontal print, and it's just not as nice.

Slate grey filament from PLA MAX is an extremely close color match for the interior. In a warmer climate, you may need to use PETG or ABS filament since it's simply more heat resistant than PLA. Since I'm in Washing state, PLA was adequate and I had this filament on-hand already.


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