It has come time to sell my very well loved transit. I simply can not afford to convert my van fully and I have gotten all of the use out of my van that I could wish for in the vans current condition/set up. This is a one owner vehicle, purchased originally and always maintained by a Ford Senior Master Technician. Vehicle maintenance schedules have been carefully followed until now and all modifications to the base vehicle have been carefully chosen.

I am getting a quote from Carmax tonight (8/6) and will base this potential private market sale upon that. Their online estimator is showing a price of $28,000. In order for me to consider the risk of a private sale, the offer would need to be considerably above their offer.

I am happy to answer questions to serious buyers, all records and details will be shared about the service, repair and modification history.

A bit about the vehicle:
53,XXX miles
2018 Transit high roof/extended Cargo
3.7L V6 engine
6R80 Transmission (transmission fluid exchange performed around 30k miles)
4.10 Rear Differential (added factory limited slip differential around 30k miles)
245/75R16 BFG K02's 20k miles on them (no abnormal tire noise or chopping) full size K02 spare
Front and Rear brakes at about 6mm life
Front spring inserts from sumo springs to add approximately 3/4" in ride height
Extended rear leaf spring shackles to add 1/2" ride height in rear
Rear sumo spring bump stop replacement for loaded driving quality
Rear shock mount has been raised 2" for off road clearance
Front heated, 10 way power seats, Charcoal black with arm rests
Base model audio equipment
Cruise control
Factory 110v inverter
Rear view camera (currently having issues intermittently not displaying)
Factory trailer brake module and trailer hitch installed just after vehicle was purchased when new
Aftermarket trailer brake controller
Metal partitioning wall between cab and cargo area
Plywood floor and walls
Walls and ceiling lightly insulated
Van floor has snap together laminate type tiles
E-tracks on floor and walls (Also used in Big Rig trailers)
Van walls have white plastic paneling on them
Cargo area was used as a mobile racing shop and a moving van for personal use for the years it has been in service

Other important things to know about this van:
Someone broke into the van in 2020 and damaged the A-pillar on the passenger side as well as the door. Insurance paid to have the vehicle repaired at a Ford body shop.
No accidents in history although I did bump into a vehicle once in a parking lot and the lower most panel on the passenger side of the van behind the sliding door but in front of the rear wheel well is slightly dented.
Front wheel well pinch welds have been rolled for tire clearance
Several repairs were made under warranty but they were done pre-maturely as I am a factory technician and can do repairs via my own judgment. They were more for safe guarding the van as opposed to necessary repairs due to a current failure.
In my opinion the rear cargo compartment will need to be removed and re-done if it is to be fully converted to an RV, I simply don't have the time or money to do this myself.