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I just finished the online review with Ipsos RDA on my Transit... hoping to win the grand prize of $3500 :D

I did 4 surveys right after I purchased, mainly reviewing the process and salesman/team but this was about the van itself.

I have about 6500 miles on Mulligan now (not sure...) I can't wait til 7500 service to reply to survey which ends April I really don't know about water or engine issues ....yet? :eek:

The survey asked about attributes that I didn't know were options---stuff like blind spot helpers and hmmm I forget now (will post later if I recall)... maybe my mirror selection which has the blindspot mirrors is what they were talking about? hmmm

I shared what I really liked, and it asked about the electronics and quality and all that too... and if I had any problems with about 20 different categories of a vehicle (engine, transmission, lights, navigation etc.) and what specifically did I have on my van.

I did list in my comments that I wish it had rear door handles, grab bars, and opener, and a different config for emergency brake (which are coming I hear?) and a glove box lock, better instructions on using the upfitter switches and aux fuses, a power outlet in the phone holder area, and a kit of 10 mm rivets and bolts HAHAHAHAH to come with it!

My overall rating was nearly exceptional at a 9. A 10 was exceptional and a 6 was very good so you see they are really being picky.

Of course I'd recommend Ford Transit to everyone!
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