Hi there! I have a 2017 Ford Transit Cargo 350 Van, High Roof model for sale with ~74,400 miles. Clean title, zero mechanical issues. New tires ~2k miles ago. I bought this van to convert and WFV (work from van ;), but ended up taking a job with beautiful housing on site. Thus far, it is insulated, floored, plumbed, and has an entire off-grid electrical system, as well as painted orange on the exterior. I'd also include a Cubic mini wood stove Grizzly with wall mount and all flue pipes if you're interested in that. I've put over $10k into the build for all the gadgets. Here's the details:

Electrical system:
Designed from faroutride.com electrical calculator, entirely DC system. I have the draft plans still if you'd like them. I helped build it, but hired a mechanical engineer friend to do most of the work. It has been running perfectly since May, minus having to get a new Sterling B2B unit. Wiring is all there for B2B, just not hooked up. Unit in box, see picture. There's 3 cigarette lights installed above the driver's seat to charge any accessories. You could easily buy a smaller inverter if you want to run any AC loads. The house batteries that power everything have 3 ways to charge: solar, shore power (plug in extension cord), and Sterling B2B alternator charger.

--2 Newapowa 180W solar panels, with tilt mount brackets (can lay flat or tilted)
--2 Renogy Smart Lithium Iron 100Ah batteries (Installed and running since May 2021)
--MAXXAIR 00-06200K MaxxFan Ventillation Fan with Smoke Lid
--Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT 100V 30 amp 12/24-Volt Solar Charge Controller
--Samlex SEC-1230UL SEC-UL Series 12V Battery Charger - 30 Amp (Shore power, plug in extension cord on the outside to charge house Renogy batteries)
--Sterling Pro Batt Ultra Battery to Battery Charger 30 Amp (Pulls power off the alternator to charge Renogy house batteries in winter when sun is low)
--weBoost Drive X RV - Cell Phone Signal Booster model 471410
--Isotherm CR130 DC Fridge (Best off-grid fridge, compressor from Italy with 5 year warranty draws 3.2 amps when running, amazing)

The toilet is fully plumbed, brand new, never used. The fan vent to the exterior dries up the matter, saving you from carting around wood shavings! ~0.5amps when on. Liquid waste drains to a releasable tank under the van. The sink line also joins and drains to the same tank. Sink line has a P-Trap, air vent, and drains fully. Just needs the sink!
--Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC composting toilet

--2 part polyurethane FROTH-PAK™ closed cell insulation (lightest insulation, waterproof, and R-6.1 rating per 1 inch of thickness and R-12.2 when sprayed at 2 inches thick. Ceiling and many other places are 2 inches thick). The foam is painted on the inside because I lived in there for a bit when it was unfinished and wanted it a little nicer.

Floor and Bed:
--Foamular 250 subfloor 1inch, R5 value. Luxury Vinyl Plank on top. All waterproof ($200).
--Bed frame is metal and holds a twin mattress, can sleep someone 5'10 tall head to toes. I'll include the mattress and linen sheets if you'd like.

Exterior paint:
--Rustoleum Farm & Implement paint. Rust stopping, lasts years. I sanded the van past the gloss so the paint stuck really good. It only has one coat though and they recommend two. I have more of the custom color I'll include with the van.

--Restored shiplap cedar. Gorgeous old stuff that's really dry; cedar is the lightest wood you can have. Inset with LED warm yellow cabin lights. All the wiring for the loads is in the ceiling, and it would be fairly easy to unscrew the wood and access it if you needed.

--The van sustained some body damage and dents before it was in my care. The siding could not be repaired in two places, so I did the mountain aesthetic out of Bondo Body Filler. If you'd like the CarFax I have 'em.
--There's a crack on the windshield from a pebble that spread (pictured).
--Missing a Ford hubcap on one side.
--The back door has never registered as fully closed. When you turn the van on and drive it tells you, but you can hit ok and the message goes away. No light on dash for that. It still locks and fully stays closed despite that, some sensor out I'm sure.
--I had a limited time to do this project, so I wasn't neat on the paint or insulation. Tried to take close up pics so you can see the messy. This, and the body damage, is the reason the price is so low for a nearly-fully built out Transit with such low mileage.

Let me know if you're interested in this great orange beauty! Please text first if you'd like to talk :)
Here's the craiglist post with my contact information, best reached by phone: