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Pinhead white dot below the Clearcoat, at eye level on the drivers door rear frame; 1 on the hood and 2 on the roof. Documented at delivery, 12/5/16.

Accepted wagon as winter was coming in 2 days, and I had a fancy ( expensive ) paint prep, with clear film installed on the hood and grille surround.

I'm planning on a trip to AZ in February, and this van is not going to be driven on salty winter roads; therefore, either accept the van or cancel our trip.

I convert this XLT wagon with RV Builders pkg to a "daytripper", which has plastic storage boxes, 3 ft closet rod, an ice chest and additional storage
along the drivers wall. As we travel around the country, everything has a secure place and is easy to get to as we head into the hotel every evening.

Any other new wagons with these white dots ( 1/16" in diameter ) ?
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