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2016 reverse camera display

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the reverse camera is standard on 2016 vans, but the "Rear View Camera with Mirror Display" is still an option (61C). so i guess that means the camera display is on the 4" display? can anyone with a 2016 van comment on how effective that combination is?
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When I get my Transit soon with the same setup (monitor in mirror) I am going to try to figure out a way to do this.

A wiring diagram for the rearview camera system would be extremely helpful. If anyone knows where to find one for free or cheap let me know. I usually use the Alldata system that is available at my public library but the Alldata info for 2015-2016 Transits does not include schematics (yet).

In my current van, a 2013 Chevy Express with rear view camera and monitor in mirror, I was able to get the system to stay on any time the ignition is on. I followed the schematic for that van and found the +12v signal from the reverse lamps that activated the rear camera & monitor. I cut that wire, added a diode inline to prevent the power from backfeeding to the lights and keeping them on all the time. Then I just ran a +12v ignition switched line from the fusebox to the camera side of that wire.

I hope it's that easy on the Transit but I won't know until I have it or I find a schematic.
Hey there did you ever get this done? I’ve got a 2016 and would have to have that display on permanently. Thanks!
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