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2016 Ford Transit T-250 High Roof Extended (Partial Conversion) - Accepting Offers!

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Nearly-Complete Build & Components.
Please read first!

Selling due to changing needs in my career. Please read first, and then name your price. I need to move to a new city soon, so willing to work with buyer, but please no lowballing (i.e. $5,000). For reference, this vehicle with its mileage is valued at $20k-$24k on the Kelley Blue Book Website. That's not including the build itself. Please send offers that are considerate of the effort that went into the build.

  • 2016 Ford Transit T-250 High Roof Extended
  • 135k miles - Frequent oil changes/maintenance
  • Havelock Wool, Polyiso, and cork insulation throughout - Has running water, a working electrical system, a Webasto heater, and two MaxxAir Fans
  • Converting bed that pulls out to fit full-size mattress. Also lifts up, with water system housed inside.
  • Kitchen sink has regular faucet, as well as faucet connected to filter for drinking water
  • Indoor and outdoor shower
  • Shore power. Six Renogy solar panels included, but not yet mounted
  • (2) Battle Borne Batteries
  • Double-burner propane stove
  • Upper and lower cabinets, plus closet for storage
  • Shelf installed above cab for extra storage

Full Breakdown

Wheel Tire Car Window Vehicle

Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood

Wood Vehicle Floor Building Window

Window Vehicle Plant Wood Motor vehicle
Wood Floor Gas Machine Flooring

Wood Gas Flooring House Machine

Wood Interior design Flooring Floor Hardwood

Shoe Property Leg Wood Wall

Wood Floor Flooring Gas Electrical wiring

Wood Gas Vehicle Cabinetry Space
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You'll know how much you have invested in it so far, and your urgency to sell, however, and you may have already thought it through but ... I think you'd get the most money for it (probably more than you have invested) by paying someone to cover up those walls/ceiling. If you have a way to charge the Battle Born batteries from the van (might be able to do with your solar charger if you have that installed) I wouldn't worry about installing the solar panels. Call it a conversion, not a partial.

Stage the interior with some bedding, maybe a guitar (LOL, but I'm serious), and a "Home is where you park it" framed print on the wall, and you should be able to get much more than a lowball $25K.

It looks great, though you probably want to fasten those batteries down more than they are.

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I think you'd get the most money for it (probably more than you have invested) by paying someone to cover up those walls/ceiling...
Great advice. Since all of the furring is already up, it might be possible to get a carpenter to finish out the wall/ceiling with some tongue and grove. No $$$ #vanbuilder "specialist" required.
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