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2016 Ford Transit Order Guide - UPDATED VERSION

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Finally have the updated version of the 2016 Ford Transit Order Guide. A few minor changes but mostly the same as the first edition. If you are thinking about ordering a Transit, you need this guide to help you make your options list and be ahead of the game when you walk into the dealership.

Most of our forum members walk into the dealership more knowledgeable about the Transit than the sales staff. If you need a copy of this order guide, send me a PM with your direct email address and it will be sent to you.

The best way to enjoy your Ford Transit.....order what you want and be happy with it for years to come!

Along with the Ford Transit Order Guide, my contact sent me the order guide for the Transit Connect. If you or one of your friends would like a copy of that particular guide, send me a PM and BE SURE TO TELL ME you want the TRANSIT CONNECT ORDER GUIDE.
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Wish that had been my experience. My special order van was an epic combination of serial defects and mechanical quality flaws.

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