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2016 Ford Transit already on assembly line

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FYI- Here are some of the early build 2016 Ford Transits showing build date of 7/27, 1FTYR2CM8GKA00104 , 1FTYR2CMXGKA00105, 1FTYR2CM1GKA00106, 1FTYR2CM3GKA00107.

Looks like this may be the last of the 2015 Transits 1FTNR2XG9FKB25005. Projected build date 7/22; build date on ETIS 7/24

Note that there is no pricing on the 2016 window sticker. These may be US Govt units as they do not always come with pricing on the window sticker. Projected build date on sticker 7/23; build date on ETIS 7/27
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Those are the only 2016 window stickers that come up with projected build dates, but on ETIS they are showing completed. Checked some more VINs in the GKA006xx and those do not come up with window stickers even though a Ford dealer is showing them on their site.

Usually if the dealer is billed for the vehicle and the window sticker becomes available, then they may add it to their website as a available vehicle. Certain exceptions would be for a Special Ordered vehicle or Commercial vehicles that may be converted like ones going to Explorer Vans for conversion or chassis cab models already designated to have a particular bed added.

If you noted the build dates on my prior reply, looks like they may have finished up the 2015 on a Friday and finished the 2016 on a Monday. That may indicate they completed the 2015 Transit builds and started the 2016 models right behind them.
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Medium and high roof Transits have to be loaded in a special height rail car at the KC plant for transport. Then when they get offloaded, they have to be transported to the dealer via flat bed trailer or slant trailer due to the extra height. With limited special rail cars, it may take over a month to get loaded on the rail, then a few extra days to get the special transport going to the dealer. The low roof Transit can be loaded same as the F-150 on standard height rail cars and/or multi-level auto transporter.

If your dealer is within 400 miles of the KC plant, it may be delivered directly by auto transport to the dealer. This can also happen with expedited shipping done through Ford at special dealer request.
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