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2016 Ford Transit already on assembly line

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FYI- Here are some of the early build 2016 Ford Transits showing build date of 7/27, 1FTYR2CM8GKA00104 , 1FTYR2CMXGKA00105, 1FTYR2CM1GKA00106, 1FTYR2CM3GKA00107.

Looks like this may be the last of the 2015 Transits 1FTNR2XG9FKB25005. Projected build date 7/22; build date on ETIS 7/24

Note that there is no pricing on the 2016 window sticker. These may be US Govt units as they do not always come with pricing on the window sticker. Projected build date on sticker 7/23; build date on ETIS 7/27
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Not sure if this is true or not, but the sales guy at a local dealership said that high roof vans can take longer to arrive at your dealer due to shipping difficulty. Maybe they can't be shipped on regular truck or train transporters?
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