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2015 XLT Wagon Photos

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Hey guys - I haven't created an official 'build' page', because I'm not really sure what I'm going to build.

However - right now I've got my Wagon down to bare metal from the driver's seat back so I can put in some thinsulate. So I took some quick photos this weekend in the dark as people are always asking to see under the skirt of the wagons. If you need any more photos / requests - I'm not expecting the thinsulate to come until this weekend - so let me know.

The original plan was to gut the rear and make it into a cargo van for the back half with hard wood walls and L-Track all around. With the abundance of air-bag sensors along the rear windows - I don't think I can put the L-track as high as I would want to. To keep those protected and covered I am going to keep the headliner - column trim - and cup holder level trim all in. All that leaves is the flimsy black plastic as a place to put the L-Track. I haven't decided if that will be worth the effort. I may just put in the cargo version d-rings and call it a day for tie down spots.

Anyway - enjoy the photos.
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Hey, good pics
I have a question for you

I have a cargo van, so the walls are bare in the rear
But I see a third fuse on my fuse panel for a rear 12 volt power receptacle, which I don't have
So I am thinking that the wiring is in place in the main rear wire harness
But there is no plug from my harness going to a receptacle.

Do you have a power receptacle in the rear of your van?
If so, where is it?
And what color are the two wires?

I can go look for the wires in the harness and maybe find them
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This is the best I can do - I'm already buttoned back up - so can't take any more for you.

That is the wall behind the slider door. The very visible orange plug is the 12V receptacle. You can kinda make out the wire colors?
Ok, thanks
That looks just like the 12v receptacle plugs for the dash power points
So they probably used the exact same wire colors in the rear also
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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