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2015 XLT Wagon Photos

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Hey guys - I haven't created an official 'build' page', because I'm not really sure what I'm going to build.

However - right now I've got my Wagon down to bare metal from the driver's seat back so I can put in some thinsulate. So I took some quick photos this weekend in the dark as people are always asking to see under the skirt of the wagons. If you need any more photos / requests - I'm not expecting the thinsulate to come until this weekend - so let me know.

The original plan was to gut the rear and make it into a cargo van for the back half with hard wood walls and L-Track all around. With the abundance of air-bag sensors along the rear windows - I don't think I can put the L-track as high as I would want to. To keep those protected and covered I am going to keep the headliner - column trim - and cup holder level trim all in. All that leaves is the flimsy black plastic as a place to put the L-Track. I haven't decided if that will be worth the effort. I may just put in the cargo version d-rings and call it a day for tie down spots.

Anyway - enjoy the photos.
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Benjamin, are the airbag sensors above the rear windows or do they extend into the pillars? Can you run the L track vertically into the pillars?
Thanks for the photos
Benjamin, you are the man. Thanks for the additional photos, that will help alot as I continue my build. Its snowing here in VT so the conversion has slowed to a crawl. Good luck wth your design and I'll keep an eye out for more photos of your build.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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