2015 Ford Transit T-350 148" Low Roof RWD 3.5L EcoBoost
3.73 axle
Tow Package

I built this with the goal of being able to haul two bikes while also having a place to sleep. With this van I was able to do that. Bikes get to remain safely hidden away in the van and away from the elements, rather than having to take them out for a fold down bed or something of the sorts. There is a Maxair exhaust fan above the bikes to exhaust any fumes/heat from the bikes after a ride. It has the rain cover so you can exhaust no matter the weather. The "garage" is walled off from the sleeping quarters, but there is a fold down section that allows you to still use the rear view mirror to see through the back windows as well as keep an eye on the bikes while driving. There is a hook that allows the fold down section to remain up but cracked to allow air flow. Above the bed is another Maxair fan. It is the 10 speed intake/exhaust fan with a remote but no rain cover. This setup does a great job at circulating air throughout the van. The mattress is a 6" foam twin size mattress cut slightly to fit the sleep quarters. I am 6'1" 180lbs and I can lay straight fully extended when laying diagonally. There is a USB overhead light for that area which is powered by a Jackery 1000 which also powers both fans. The Jackery stays between the front seats on a stand right next to the vans AC plug for easy charging while driving. On the back is a swing out storage bin used for gas can storage. I haul a 2021 KTM 500 EXC-F and a custom 2003 Sportster rigid frame chopper. I use four straps for the chopper and BikeBinderz for the dirt bike. Drove this out to Colorado and back with zero issues, good nights sleeping, and bikes never budged.

This is a unique build. I know this because I had a **** of a time finding anything similar that I could reference, ha.

Heres a quick video:
And some pics below:

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