$23,500 - this is my break-even price. I am not trying to make a profit on this sale.

I bought this van with plans to have Field Vans add a penthouse pop top and have Timerbline Vans convert it to 4x4. This was going to replace my wife's Tacoma but we've decided we'd rather have her truck and our AWD Transit that's actually supposed to be delivered in December

This is the best example of this model Econoline that I could find in the Western US. Period.

To make things easy, if you find a better example extended Econoline E250 or E350, I'll match the price. If you want a Ford Econoline for less money, get on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and get a white one with 310,000 miles and rats living in the engine bay for $10,000.

Things that make this van unique and things that were part of my criteria while shopping

  • Factory Navy Blue Ford Paint (good luck finding one that isn't white)
  • Extended length cargo van that was never used as a work van (no dents from the inside against the sheet metal and a partition/shelving was never installed in the van)
  • 60/40 barn doors (not a slider door like newer low roof Transits come with)
  • 41,700 original miles
  • Clean frame/driveline components
  • Not a sprinter
  • Ford factory headliner in excellent condition
  • 5.4L gas v8 is the simplest and most reliable of the engines available in this van according to people that actually work on them - can be repaired at any shop in the country/baja
  • glass windows installed only where they are helpful (rear doors and side barn doors) - otherwise the van is ready for full insulation/sound deadening which can be a nightmare compared to a passenger van with full glass windows

The van has new open range all terrain tires on the rear axel and the front all season tires are in excellent shape.

I added a Kenwood DMX4707 stereo for bluetooth and Apple Car play (professionally installed).

If you want to talk more about the potential for this van to be outfitted as a camper van or weekender, I can point you in the right direction and share the vision that I had for the van as a surfboard/dog/mtb/snowboard hauler built for weekend - two week long periods "off grid."

If you have a vision for a build that you don't have the time/tools/experience to complete that you would like to see in this van we can have that conversation but it will be much less expensive for someone to DIY their own project than to pay me.

Free delivery to Ventura/LA/OC/San Diego around Christmas time this year available.

The van is currently located in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Thanks for looking!

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