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1st Road Trip and New Windows

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We finally had some to time take the Rhino on a road trip. Before we left on our trip, we installed our motion windows and maxxair fan (although fan is not running yet). Install was scary cutting holes in a new van but all went good. As for our trip, we drove about 2500 miles to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. We threw a mattress in the rear and off we went for a week. We mostly drove I-40 Texas to Nevada and back. Gas mileage in our diesel version was 16.5 on a very windy day and 21.5 on a good day. Highway speed was mostly 70-75. Van was nice to drive but got a little tiresome and squirrely in the wind going 75.


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Would you please tell me how the window opens. Does the bottom part slide with a screen, or does it flip up? I looked at the web site, but it wasn't clear. I am scheduled to have fixed glass installed in my slider door the first week of November, but I may hold off having seen your set up. Thanks,
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