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$170 off SALE on EcoFlow 160 Portable Solar Panel....anybody used one?

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I'd really like to keep this discussion VERY close to the title of the post.
I do not want to go down the wormhole of recharging options, and what "you'd probably do....."

I am a minimalist who prefers modular stuff.
I use a Dometic PLB battery with a Dometic CFX35, and that form factor is terrific for me.
My Transit is a daily driver, never sits, and the PLB pretty much always stays topped up. The PLB has BMS, MPPT.....whatever. It charges fast off the 12v cig plug, easy peasy. (I may add the Dometic Hardwire kit eventually)

A couple of times each year I end up with the van flat out parked for more than 2-3 days and I have to seek out an AC power source and hooking the PLB to its brick charger.
Needless to say, in those situations I have for sure thought about a portable solar panel.

Today EcoFlow directed marketing had me interested in their 160w panel at $170 off.
At the sale price of $280 is it actually good value? (ie: "no name" panel of the same spec costs less?!, Is the EcoFlow actually a better product? etc.....)
Has anybody owned and used this panel? Any real gripes?
I'd love to hear some relevant opinions, experiences, thoughts....

ps-I know I'd need to make a cable to adapt the panel to the PLB.

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