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That's right! These seats are coming out of NEW 2021 Econoline Chassis vans that were originally built for tour buses and once the virus situation came about, the company did not take delivery of these vans. NOW they are being converted to mobile clinics and all but 2 seats are being removed and are for sale.

The 2 passenger seats had one side bolted to the van side wall with one leg placed in the center area of the floor for support. The single seats were located in the rear of the van and those have 2 mounting legs. We can add the legs to the 2 seat frame to make it a free standing seat and can add a LH & RH 2 seat section to make a 4 seat across configuration.

The seats are NEW Freedman stationary seats that bolt into the metal floor. They are a tweed Blue/Gray Cloth material so it would not match any current material in the Transit vehicles. If you look up these seats on various sites like eBay, you will see these are $100's priced for each seat. We are offering these seats at a lower price and the more seats you want, the price will drop accordingly. While shipping can be arranged, it would be best to pickup these seats in Canton, TX as you would save a lot of shipping cost especially with a large number of seats being purchased.

Single seat $75
2 passenger seat with NO mounting legs $75
2 passenger seat with single leg (as removed from the Econoline vans) $95
2 passenger seat with 2 free standing legs $125
Double 2 passenger seat (4 wide seat) with center and end legs $200

As stated above, the more seats you want to purchase, the cheaper they get. Just send a PM here and we can let you know what is available and details if you want to come and get these in Canton, TX.

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