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130WB Rear Doors Limited to 180 Degrees?

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"The rear hinged 50/50 cargo doors swing open 180 degrees on the 130-inch wheelbase model. On the 148-inch wheelbase model (shown), the cargo doors open 270 degrees and are held open by magnets.
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What's up with this? Seems like an unnecessary limitation, maybe something to do with the magnet hold-open interfering with the passenger side slider?

I recall trying to load something in my friend's E-150, but there wasn't enough width with the rear doors at 180 degrees. Fortunately, there is a manual release that allowed the doors to swing all the way open for loading. Hope there is something similar on the Transit. A minor issue, to be sure.
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It's nice to have them out of the way, especially when a trailer is rigged or a swing out bicycle rack is in the hitch .
A"MUST" for me (mid roof, LWB) Every time I watch American Pickers with there T1N Sprinter they use them that way (270 deg. swing). "I want that!
Ford people said the magnets in the bumpers are so they don't hit the body
I tell people "it was modeled after the Sprinter"
Anybody who has/had one know this
(watching Pickers as I type)

I was told by Ford engineer "that without rear door magnetic "bumpers", The doors will go more than 270 and HIT the side of the body

OK, I will get them, I said

LWB,mid roof
well that sucks
Yeah, they look wierd? BUT, I don't want to dent it. (body side)
Sprinters have them
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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