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thought id discuss why i bought what i bought....

first transit.... bought the transit connect thinking would be big enough but was way wrong, now getting second chance so went full size.

why 130wb? living in condo now and wanted it to fit in a regular space without getting yelled at, also absolutely hate! that rear 2 part window! love the one piece, and the headliner is different also,,,,,the regular is one long rear headliner!

medium roof? because cant get it in taller roof and dislike the taller roof welds from outside....anyway

ecoboost? because after driving the transit connect without then driving the escapes with the eb.... there is no way id go regular 3.7, even though turbo repairs and spark plug cracks will happen... gdi engines rock! and last longer.

wagon? needed to do rv conversion on budget so dident want cheap looking headliner and walls....

150? thought the 150 would ride much beter being lightly loaded all the time, also the 150 dont have those ugly mag door holders on the rear sticking out.

blue jeans? well wanted a stealth urban camper,,,,,the blue looks black at night and is hard to see.... also in the sun ,it shines great and love the contrast of privacy glass against the blue...

black seats? wanted something dark to hide wear. and look more suv ish.

remote start? simply to opperate heat or ac while sleeping, just hit button.

aluminum rims? hate hubcaps, look more rv ish.

xlt? because the cost went way down by choosing this package over building the xl

sync3? because its new and increases van value alot for resale.

did you know? each step tords the long wb was 3k$
going long 148 was 3k more and another 3k for higher roof!
so the 130 wb mr was $6k cheeper!

my wan is 43k msrp

being built 2/22

getting these installs:
custom Bed Frame With Queensize 10" thick mattress.
2000/4000 watt inverter
3d printer
maxxair remote 7500k fan
ambient led interior accent lights everywhere!
remote start factory dealer install.
privacy glass with limo tint inside for verry verry dark windows.
front cab window track for curtains.
passenger seat swivel
sliding door optional step
park sensors
duel agm and hd alternator

anyone wanting to come get the two rows of seats out of this thing?
just give me 200.00 but you have to hurry when i get the van as i will need them gone right away! thell be charchoal black cloth!

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Where in Florida? I'm in Clermont on the west side of Orlando and just picked up a 12 passenger with Charcoal seats and may want some better flexibility in which ones I have to work with as I swap them around.

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You're a wild man, I love it!

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Saved your number, thanks. We could pop down as soon as you take delivery. I assume you ordered one with 8 seats rather than 10? My wife likes the idea of the wider 3-place seat for the rear rather than the skinny 4-places we have there.

Your conversion plans and logic sound great. Are you doing it yourself, or did you find someone down there that can do it?

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yes 8 seats

doing everything myself...... only way to go... so you know how to fix everything!

call me 1 week march please to get date for pickup
Is your Transit close to delivery yet?
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