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  1. Slider window replacement 2015 tall long recommendation?

    Accessories and Add Ons
    hello, We live near Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio and are considering replacing the sliding door factory window on our 2015 tall extended Transit. We are gradually converting it into a hat hauler/camper for recreation and our traveling hat shop business and need more ventilation than our fantastic...
  2. Flip out window unglued

    Does anyone know what I can use to stick this back together. The black plastic trim frame on the rear flip out window has come unglued from the glass. The latch has also come unglued from the glass. There is a black rubbery cured adhesive, almost like neoprene, that was originally used by the...
  3. 2020 Transit 150 - I want glass in my slider and rear doors... Trade for my solid panel doors? White T150 low roof, 130"

    Want To Buy & Looking For
    Hi - I am trying to find the van with everything the way I want it and you all know how that goes. Not a done deal yet, but I am likely taking possession of a 2020 White Transit 150. It's everything I wanted, except... Anyone have a slider with a window that you want to trade? Ditto for the...
  4. Pop out windows? Can I alter them to open all the way?

    Ford Transit Pictures And Videos
    Saludos! I am new to the forum, as well as van conversions. I recently purchased a 2016 Ford Transit 350 xlt with wrap around windows. There are 2 rear pop out windows that open a few inches. I have be scouring for information to alter the windows so that they would open all the way, by either a...