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  1. Ford Transit Parts
    I made a malfunction and ordered galley and slider windows that would fit a high roof or mid-roof Transit factor window WITHOUT the factory plastic trim. As we have a Crew, we're up non-returnable custom window cover creek without a paddle. These were made by Nightfall Overland out of...
    $250 USD
  2. Ford Transit General Discussion
    I've been creating some window covers for our Transit but wanted to hear everyone views on the uses of Low-E and the more reflective insulation application vs the thicker insulation which performs more as a thermal barrier. Has anyone tried out both and what did they prefer?
  3. Ford Transit Classifieds
    I am selling the window covers that I made for my 2020 crew LWB low roof with passenger side sliding door. I no longer have the van. These window covers turned out very nice. I have four total. 2 for the rear door windows and 2 for the rear passenger side windows. Included is enough of the...
    $400 USD
  4. Accessories and Add Ons
    Does anyone have recommendations for a company that sells window covers for all of the windows on a Medium Roof 148" WB passenger van? We found many offer covers for the Driver/Passenger Crew windows but not Driver/Passenger Quarter Panel.
1-4 of 4 Results