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  1. Interior
    I have a 2020 Ford Transit 250 cargo van. It came with the vinyl floor covering up front that terminates right behind the driver and passenger. Unfortunately the floor covering doesn't seem to fit right, and lifts up behind the passenger seat. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this...
  2. Ford Transit Classifieds
    LONSEAL - LONWOOD NATURAL TOPSEAL, SINGING BIRDS. 6 ft x 14 ft piece. Brand new! Still in the original shipping package. With tax and shipping this cost me about $700.00 Check it out online. I ordered the wrong pattern (I thought my partner liked this pattern but apparently she liked a...
    $250 USD
  3. Dealers, Purchases and Orders
    On 2021 R2X HR 250 Cargo, there is an option for front and rear vinyl flooring. Is the rear glued down in a way that it could not be easily removed? Thanks in advance.
  4. DIYs and Modifications
    Hi all, I just finished installing a new vinyl sheet floor in our EWB Dually. I had to order 12' wide sheets from Home Depot to get the pattern the way I wanted it. Plus it gave me an extra floor in the event I messed up the first one. Well, good news is I didn't so I now have the remaining...
1-4 of 4 Results