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  1. Ford e-Transit Electric Vehicle General Discussion
    i'm starting this thread to help myself plan for a future conversion of a cargo van to a RV [van life] i don't have a van yet so some aspects here will be hypothetical. there is no guarantee that a EV transit will be the chosen vehicle but ford is currently the leader in EV vans so... some...
  2. Others
    Follow link or copy paste to purchase.
  3. Camper Vans and Conversions
    My goal is to build a Ski Van for the winters in the West but mostly around Lake Tahoe and Mammoth area. Next Summer we plan on taking it to Alaska too. I started with the floor. I bought some marine grade 3/4 " plywood and painted it with some Kilz Mildew resistant primer. I'm over a month into...
  4. Ford Transit General Discussion
    Hi Guys, We just bought our 2019 "Don Domingo" (In honor to my grand father). The intention is to convert this van as a camper van. I found something that looks not right, what is missing in here? Also, the third brake light doesn't work ... any fuse related to this light? I ask that before I...
1-4 of 4 Results