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  1. 2020 AWD Van Compass 2" Lift, Fox Pro Resis, Skid Plate, Shock Mount Edit, Rear Tire Carrier, 265/75/16 Terrain Contact AT 32.2"

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    Post 1 of 2 (10 photo/post limit) Finally got the van back. Major props to Van Compass for coming through on the 3/16" front spacers needed to fit 265/75/16 Terrain Contact A/T tires. You guys rule! (They recommend doing the lift kit trimming step on stock tires, then taking it to a tire shop...
  2. Van Compass (Sprinter) Storage Trunk - For A Transit

    Camper Vans and Conversions
    I'm looking at the Van Compass Storage Trunk. They list it as a Sprinter component. Link. That said, it would appear that Van Compass has installed it on their demo Transit according to this expedition portal thread. Has anyone here looked at it or actually installed it? It would be great...