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  1. Ford e-Transit Electric Vehicle General Discussion
    Local dealer rep is being told to spec us heavier duty steel rims for our new E-Transit due to greater GVWR of the vehicle relative to standard 350. We're wanting to fit winter tires right away for first Canadian winter with it. Trouble is, said rims are $100+ more than standard 5/160 16"...
  2. Ford Transit Parts
    Continental VanContact Factory take offs from a 2020 Ford Transit, tires have less than 800 kms on them. 235/65/r16 with factory wheels 5x160 bolt pattern. No TPMS (removed). Hub caps and lugs included.
    $650 CAD
  3. Ford Transit Parts
    We just replaced the OEM tires on our 2021 150 RWD Transit Cargo at 1800 miles. Selling the original 4 Continental 235/65 R16 tires/wheels with lug nuts and black caps. Local pickup, no shipping. No TPMS sensors. Thanks!
    $350 USD
  4. Want To Buy & Looking For
    Looking for set of 4 stocks rims with tires for 2018 LWB 350. 5 bolt pattern. Like at least 20% left on tires. Need them to import my van, so needs to be stock. Las Vegas/ Southern Utah preferred. Thanks. Alex. 702-883-0303.
    $400 USD
  5. Ford Transit Parts
    I'm selling all 5 silver steel wheels and OEM tires that came on my 2020 AWD transit (6-bolt pattern). There's nothing wrong with them. They are balanced and the wheels are free of flaws. I just installed Method 703s with Cooper 245/75s (see pics). The stock tires have 3k miles on them. The...
    $700 USD
  6. Ford Transit Classifieds
    These 205 75 R16 tires have roughly 350 mi ( yes three hundred and fifty) and came off of a Ford Transit Dually. Must take all 6 tires. Almost no tread wear. Nothing wrong with these at all, I upgraded to a slightly larger tire. Sells new for $173.99 per tire on tire Here is what...
    $500 USD
  7. Ford Transit Pictures And Videos
    Just a few days before I upgrade my tires and rims to Method 901's, someone came and slashed my drivers side front and rear outer tires. I think they assume I am living on the street when i am actually staying at my friends house (the green one next to the van). This could get costly if i had...
  8. Ford Transit Parts
    (4) Hankook - Dynapro HT - 235/65r16 with 92% tread left (1) VanContact A/S 235/65/R16 - this is a spare that has never been used, and only when I upgraded did I notice it wasn't the same as the others. These used tires are in fantastic shape, and are coming off a certified pre-owned Ford...
  9. Ford Transit Parts
    -Selling 5 Van Contact A/S 235/65R16C 121/119R E Tires. These are from a brand new Ford Transit 2020 HR EL -4 of the tires have just 1,100 miles easy highway miles on them -5th tire is unused - 0 miles! Tires are in excellent shape. All Season, Light Truck, R Speed Rating, E - 10 Ply, 121...
  10. Ford Transit Classifieds
    If you are in the Sacramento area, I have these for sale. Hit me up if interested. These have only 2k miles on them.
  11. Ford Transit Parts
    Set of 4, 5x160mm bolt pattern. >90% tread with less than 2000 kms on them (taken off a near new 2020 transit and replaced with black rhinos and KO2s). Continental Vancontact 235/65R16C tires. Tires and rims are all in great condition. No uneven tire wear. No plugs. Like new tpms sensors. Asking...
  12. Ford Transit Parts
    4 tires have 150 miles on them and the spare is brand new. Located in Portland, OR. Asking $500
  13. Ford Transit Parts
    We upgraded our tires so we have 10 basically new(>300miles) tires for sale. The tires are the Continental Van contact A/S, size 235/65 R16 C. You can get them for about 150 on eBay, so we are thinking 120/tire, or 100/tire if you take all 10. We would prefer not to ship, but we can discuss...
  14. Ford Transit Parts
    Hi All, I thought I would post these here first in case anyone is interested before I went to the Craigslist people. I have 4 OEM tires off of a 2020 Transit with 5k miles on them for $180. I am in the Los Angeles area near Pasadena. Let me know.
  15. Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    Just got a tranist 250 AWD and am going to swap out the tires. Do the stock tires have any real value? where should I re-sell them? any tips?
  16. Ford Transit Parts
    Tires came off my 2020 Transit 350 after 3000 highway miles when I bought all-terrain tires. They’ve been stored in the garage since October. I thought I’d switch back to them in the spring, but I’m running out of space in my garage. Looking for $500. I travel a lot, so I might be able to...
  17. Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    Anyone running this setup with no spacers? Have an order in but curious if I should cancel as it might be too big. Including a photo of my current wheels if that matters as well.
  18. Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    I recently bought a 2018 Transit 150 passenger, short WB, low roof. It has the stock Conti tires on, so I ordered a set of Falken Wildpeak AT3W 255/70 r16 tires, and they came in yesterday. After looking at the sticker in the door-jamb, the store said that they could not install them (for...
1-18 of 18 Results