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  1. Transit 2020, 4 way swivel seat height

    Ford Transit General Discussion
    Can anyone tell me the height between the floor and front of the drivers seat on the 4-way swivel seats? I'm asking about the 2020 Transit option 21T "Dark Palazzo Gray Cloth, 4-Way Manual Swivel Driver and 4-Way Manual Swivel Passenger Seats". The 2-way cloth seats I test drove are almost...
  2. Passenger swivel install problem. BIG problem!

    Camper Vans and Conversions
    Swivel went on perfectly but... Somehow I broke the mechanism that moves the 10 way seat fore and aft. The motor still runs but only moves the inside track. The outside one is stuck forward. Anybody else run into this? I don’t know how it happened. Maybe when I was moving the seat around when...
  3. SCOPEMA swivel seat anyone

    Camper Vans and Conversions
    Hi, I'm looking for a low profile swivel seat solution and found that the Scopema platforms raise the seat the least. I've seen the threads on availability in the US & Canada. Does anyone have an update? I've also reached out to UK and German vendors but found no one who would ship to the US. thanks
  4. FORD TRANSIT SEAT SWIVEL BASE (2015+) - $300 (includes shipping)

    Ford Transit Parts
    For sale: 1 swivel base I purchased two of these from, the driver-side is identical to the passenger-side except it comes with risers you can install to clear the parking brake. You can either install this on the passenger side (don't install the risers) or the driver side...
  5. 2020 Ford Transit Camper Vans Can't Have HID, Electric Leather Seats, Swivels, 2 x AGM Batteries, Cut-Off Relay, 110V Power and Push-Down P-Brake

    Camper Vans and Conversions
    I'm shopping for a Cargo Van for a Camper Van Conversion. I know you can't order Ford's nice, 10-way power leather seats in a Cargo Van and also get swivels (so you have to bump down to the 4-way manual cloth seats). But has anyone noticed that the: Programmable Battery Guard/Enhanced Cut-off...
  6. SwivelsRUs 2015+ Swivel Seat

    Ford Transit Parts
    We have a SwivelsRUs Driver Swivel Seat for 2015+ Transits. It is BRAND new, never used, still in its original box. We had plans to install it, but then changed our conversion design and no longer need it! It can be used for either passenger or driver side as it does not include the optional...