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  1. Ford Transit General Discussion
    I’m ordering a 2023 T250 high roof Transit. No packages, nor swivel seats are available yet. If I want swivel seats in the future, do I order the 10 WAY PWR or stick with manual for now? I’m 6’1 and DO NOT enjoy sitting high up over the wheel and dash. Is there a difference in height between...
  2. Ford Transit General Discussion
    Hi guys. Anyone can help me it would be appreciated. I am not sure where the squeak is coming from. Here is a video of the sound it’s making. It’s on the passenger side too.
  3. Ford Transit General Discussion
    Hi guys, I'm trying to find a low swivel for the drivers side of a 2021 Transit (MR 148WB). The guys at discountvantruck told me they don't make a low base for the drivers side because of the battery. Do you guys know anyone else that makes a swivel that at least keeps the drivers side seat...
  4. DIYs and Modifications
    Hi Folks, quick question about installing the skopema seat swivel on the driver side. This one is considered pretty tricky due to the need to lower the parking brake. Its actually easy... Dori and Mena produced a fantastic video. Just follow it step by step the install is super easy. Ok. On to...
  5. Ford Transit Parts
    For sale: 1 swivel base I purchased two of these from, the driver-side is identical to the passenger-side except it comes with risers you can install to clear the parking brake. You can either install this on the passenger side (don't install the risers) or the driver side...
  6. Ford Transit Parts
    We have a SwivelsRUs Driver Swivel Seat for 2015+ Transits. It is BRAND new, never used, still in its original box. We had plans to install it, but then changed our conversion design and no longer need it! It can be used for either passenger or driver side as it does not include the optional...
1-6 of 6 Results