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  1. Camper Vans and Conversions
    I am going to share the series of videos I made as I tore apart my dashboard and interior to spray the thermal ceramic and sound deadening lizard skin on the interior of my transit. I think this could have been done much faster, and I made a lot of mistakes along the way, but it might be...
  2. Camper Vans and Conversions
    Hey Guys, so in the process of getting everything for the van I stopped by Moscoat in Houston, Texas and picked up 10 Gallons of Lizard Skin Sound Deadener and 10 Gallons of LizardSkin Ceramic Thermal Barrier. They also showed me around and told me about their company. This is a video I made...
  3. Camper Vans and Conversions
    Hi guys! Been reading these forums for a year and finally joined. I've searched these forums and heaven't really found an answer for eliminating noise inside the cab -- so I figured I'd start a thread. if this is covered already and has been answered will someone please link me the thread? I'm...
1-4 of 4 Results