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  1. Ford Transit Parts
    Hello friends, I have most of the passenger seats available for sale for a 2019 Ford Transit XLT. Prices: 1st Row (3 seat unit A): $350 2nd Row (2 seat unit B): $250 2nd Row (1 seat unit C): $150 3rd Row (2 seat unit D): $250 3rd Row (1 seat unit E): $150 4th Row (2 right seat unit F)...
  2. Ford Transit Parts
    Select seats from a new 2021 Ford Transit. Bought the van and immediately took the unneeded seats out. Brand new. Ebony colored cloth seats from 350 XLT passenger wagon. See photo for which seats are for sale: a) 3 seater (2nd row) b) single seat (4th row window) c) all 4 seats in last row (2...
  3. Ford Transit Parts
    15 passenger rear seats except two passenger side single seats. Headliner Side Air Bags All for sale SE PA
  4. Ford Transit Classifieds
    I've sold off all my seats from my 2020 Ford Transit XLT passenger wagon with the exception of the 1st row, three person seat. I was going to keep that in the factory location or maybe scoot it back a few feet in my conversion. However, I've decided that I don't need crash rated / legal...
  5. Want To Buy & Looking For
    Hello, I’m looking for a 3 seat bench with mounting brackets. I live on Long Island NY. Please contact me if you have something for sale nearby. Thank you
  6. Ford Transit Parts
    We converted our 2017 T-350 High Top EL Passenger Wagon to a passenger/cargo hybrid, thus we don't need any of the seats behind the second row. For Sale: 3rd, 4th and 5th row seats for Ford Transit 15-passenger EL Van (fits 2015-2021). XL Trim, “Pewter Vinyl”. Mint condition, with one tiny...
  7. Want To Buy & Looking For
    Post title says it all. Strongly prefer new, but willing to entertain lightly used. Located in SF Bay Area, but willing to travel up to ~4-5 hours. Our van is in production as of early August 2021, and would love to find matching seats to replace the stock 3-person second row for the Crew build.
  8. Camper Vans and Conversions
    I have seats, panels, curtain airbags, etc. from 2017 Transit XLT high roof extended. Pick up is in Rockford, IL near Chicago. Let me know what you want and make an offer.
  9. Ford Transit Classifieds
    UPDATE SOLD Thank you!
  10. For sale: 2019 Passenger Seats AUSTIN TX

    Selling 6 passenger seats and brackets from a 2019 Ford Transit 10-passenger van. The seats are grey cloth in very good condition. Contact for dimensions/details. $50 each!! Must sell by June 4th! Pick up only.
  11. Ford Transit Parts
    Howdy - I'm running the 2 person seat currently. I kept the three person bench seat thinking I could swap it in if grandma ever wanted to come with us somewhere. That's never happened and I'd like my garage space back. Comes with the rails too. Pickup only please
  12. Ford Transit Classifieds
    Hey everyone, so I have a brand new 2020 350 Ford Transit, just bought in March and getting ready for a new build. I am selling everything I don't have use for, which includes all 13 seats behind driver and passenger along with the rails. Bolts not included as I will be re-using them. They are...
  13. Ford Transit Parts
    I have 3 double seats and a single jumper seat available. Two of the doubles are narrower to fit 4 seats across the transit. They're in very good condition. We converted our van into a camper and no longer need these. $250 each OBO. I'm located in Cincinnati, Ohio
  14. Ford Transit Parts
    For sale are the 2nd, 3rd Row Double bench and the 2nd row Single seat, rails, and hardware from my 2020 Transit 150 XLT 10 passenger van. Seats are dark gray cloth. I purchased the vehicle new 01/21 (leftover 2020 model), drove home and promptly removed the seats. They are being stored in my...
  15. Ford Transit Parts
    I have the last two rows of seats available from my 15 passenger van (outlined in green below). Dark Palazzo cloth. All are in great condition, make me an offer on price. Pickup (or delivery) only in Bend, OR.
  16. Ford Transit Parts
    1 seat & 3 seat available Mounting rails and bolts available Charcoal fabric seats 3 seat is in great condition 1 seat has a small turmeric stain Name your price Portland, OR Local pickup
  17. Interior
    I have a 2017 Transit extended length It’s the medium length, it came with 15 seats and in the 4th row I want to put the single seat back in but I can’t tell what I am missing Can anyone pop this plastic cover off and show me what it looks like? I have a long bolt for it that went there, but...
  18. Ford Transit Parts
    Selling some of the seats from my van. They are the black cloth seats and have the seat belts attached. They lock into place in the rails which which will be included, if needed. I am in central California area, but will ship if you pay shipping costs. Asking $125 per seat including railing...
  19. DIYs and Modifications
    I have a Transit Cargo arriving next month and in preparation I'm trying to figure out the best way to add a removable two person bench seat when we want to have additional passengers. My plan is to use L-tracks on the floor for the front of the van so we can have a modular system (i.e removable...
  20. Ford Transit Parts
    Central Florida, Orlando area. Got a bunch of rear seats for sale from our 15 passenger XLT. We are doing some van renovations and need to offload the seats we won't be using. They are all in like-new condition, have been in clean storage for the past 18 months. Prior to our owning it, they...
1-20 of 44 Results