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  1. Want To Buy & Looking For
    I'm trying to find a 3-seat second row and a 4-seat fifth row in Charcoal for my Transit 350 passenger van. I've looked on the local marketplace sites (Facebook, Craigslist, OfferUp), but so far have come up empty. I've seen some here ( @CrewVanManInfo for one) talk about take-out seats in my...
  2. Ford Transit Parts
    Ebony Leather 3 seat bench pulled out of my 2022 passenger transit the day I purchased it. Don't need them as I've converted part of the van to accommodate a small bathroom. These seats do recline. 54" wide. Been stored in my garage for the last 2 weeks. Pickup in Citrus Heights / Roseville...
    $500 USD
  3. Ford Transit Classifieds
    Long 3-seat bench with quick release latches.
    $400 USD
  4. Ford Transit Parts
    I am looking to buy 1 Seat Track for my Van...anywhere selling these parts? I can't seem to find anyone! Any help woudl be much appreciated! Thanks!
    $50 USD
  5. Ford Transit Parts
    We removed the whole interior from behind the driver and passenger seat and are selling it. This is a 2020 Transit 350 Mid roof 148” WB. The interior is two tone gray panels and charcoal cloth seats. 13 rear seats with rails and floor, headliner, side panels, rear and sliding door panels, side...
    $2,000 USD
  6. Camper Vans and Conversions
    Hello - I am looking for a set of the quick release floor track to install a back seat in my 22 Transit. They seem to be hard to get at the moment. Does anyone know where I can get a set of these?
  7. Ford Transit Parts
    Seats from 15 passenger 2018 ford transit with tracks. In East Bay San Francisco. I have the single passenger side seats, the back corner single seats (left and right) and 4th row 2 person seat. $100 for the single seats OBO $175 for the double seat OBO
    $100 USD
  8. Ford Transit Parts
    I have seats available for free pickup near Charleston, SC. They are from my 2019 Ford Transit MR Passenger Van. I have: Qty 3 of two seat benches Qty 1 of single seat.
    $0 USD
  9. Ford Transit Parts
    2018 passenger seats with tracks and bolts available. From a 15 passenger van. There are the last row right and left corner seats, the passenger side single seats, and one double seat (from the 4th row) available. The double seat is $200, and the singles are $125 OBO.
    $125 USD
  10. Ford Transit Vehicles For Sale
    I have some factory crew van seats from a 2020 AWD. Excellent condition. They're charcoal grey. Trying to free up space in the garage. Located in Rocklin, CA If I get desperate enough might be willing to deliver on my way to Tahoe or towards the Bay Area.
  11. Ford Transit Parts
    Hello everyone! I am selling my 2nd row bench seat out of my 2021 Transit Crew van. They are the Dark Palazzo Gray and have minimal use. So much as they still look brand new. These are located in Northern Los Angeles and are for local pickup only. I am asking $500 for this. This is well...
  12. Ford Transit Parts
    Hello friends, I have most of the passenger seats available for sale for a 2019 Ford Transit XLT. Prices: 1st Row (3 seat unit A): $350 2nd Row (2 seat unit B): $250 2nd Row (1 seat unit C): $150 3rd Row (2 seat unit D): $250 3rd Row (1 seat unit E): $150 4th Row (2 right seat unit F)...
  13. Ford Transit Parts
    Select seats from a new 2021 Ford Transit. Bought the van and immediately took the unneeded seats out. Brand new. Ebony colored cloth seats from 350 XLT passenger wagon. See photo for which seats are for sale: a) 3 seater (2nd row) b) single seat (4th row window) c) all 4 seats in last row (2...
  14. Ford Transit Parts
    15 passenger rear seats except two passenger side single seats. Headliner Side Air Bags All for sale SE PA
  15. Ford Transit Classifieds
    I've sold off all my seats from my 2020 Ford Transit XLT passenger wagon with the exception of the 1st row, three person seat. I was going to keep that in the factory location or maybe scoot it back a few feet in my conversion. However, I've decided that I don't need crash rated / legal...
  16. Want To Buy & Looking For
    Hello, I’m looking for a 3 seat bench with mounting brackets. I live on Long Island NY. Please contact me if you have something for sale nearby. Thank you
  17. Ford Transit Parts
    We converted our 2017 T-350 High Top EL Passenger Wagon to a passenger/cargo hybrid, thus we don't need any of the seats behind the second row. For Sale: 3rd, 4th and 5th row seats for Ford Transit 15-passenger EL Van (fits 2015-2021). XL Trim, “Pewter Vinyl”. Mint condition, with one tiny...
  18. Want To Buy & Looking For
    Post title says it all. Strongly prefer new, but willing to entertain lightly used. Located in SF Bay Area, but willing to travel up to ~4-5 hours. Our van is in production as of early August 2021, and would love to find matching seats to replace the stock 3-person second row for the Crew build.
  19. Camper Vans and Conversions
    I have seats, panels, curtain airbags, etc. from 2017 Transit XLT high roof extended. Pick up is in Rockford, IL near Chicago. Let me know what you want and make an offer.
  20. Ford Transit Classifieds
    UPDATE SOLD Thank you!
1-20 of 55 Results