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  1. SEATS from a 2018 XLT LWB - Leather

    Ford Transit Parts
    Seats from a 2018 Ford Transit 350 XLT (long wheelbase) 15 passenger van. NEW. Leather. Seatbelts. -Single jump seat Drivers side REAR ROW w/ bracket to wall mounting - $100. obo -Single jump seat Passenger side Third Row over wheel well w/ bracket to wall mounting - $100. obo NEW. Leather...
  2. 2018 15 Passenger 148" Seat Layout Drawing

    DIYs and Modifications
    I had the floor up awhile ago on a failed project and tried to make it productive by taking some general measurements of seat rail and bolt locations for my 15 passenger 2018 148". I realized I never shared this, in case it helps somebody. Not sure how consistent spare tire mechanism or other...
  3. Selling 2016 FORD Transit SEATS: Single, Dual and Bench Seats with Tilt-Armrest-Seatbelt Excellent Cond

    Ford Transit General Discussion
    FORD Transit SEATS for SALE. Single, Dual and Bench Seats. All with integrated Seatbelt, Armrest and Tilt. Excellent Condition. Single Seat $120 Dual Seat $180 Rear Bench Seat: $290 Pick-up in San Diego. Direct Delivery to So. Cal, NV or AZ for $350.
  4. Selling 2016 Ford Transit 150 Cloth Seats - Charcoal-Gray with Recline - Excellent Condition!

    DIYs and Modifications
    All eight seats from our Ford Transit are up for sale. Excellent condition with integrated seatbelt, armrest and tilt/recline. Pickup in San Diego or we can deliver direct to So. Cal, NV and AZ for $350. Single Seat: $120 Dual Seat: $180 Rear Bench Seat: $290
  5. 2nd row custom seating - Seattle area

    Ford Transit General Discussion
    Hello all, does anyone know of a Seattle area shop that can professionally install a 2nd row seating? Something that's going to have a high safety rating and possibly be covered by insurance. Kids are in the future and wife won't let me do the work myself.