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  1. Ford Transit Parts
    1 triple seat, charcoal cloth from 2015, like new condition in Santa Barbara. No tears or stains. Comes with all the belts, no mounting rails. Pickup only In the picture the seats look a little dusty, but again, in like new shape, no stains or tears tom 805.319.8336
    $250 USD
  2. Ford Transit Parts
    Features: L-Track mounted for adjustable location Canadian and EU certified pull tests (with their floor) ISO fix latches for car seats Adjustable head rests Full sized bed when folded down Condition: In perfect unused condition excluding the tiny tear in the fabric that was there on delivery...
  3. Ford Transit Parts
    I'm looking to pick up a 36" seat with arm rest and recline function preferably in Palazzo Grey cloth. I'm located in Portland, OR, and would drive about 3 hours in any direction.
  4. Ford Transit Parts
    Hey All, I've been building out my 2019 12-passenger van over the summer and it's time to get the seats out of here. I'm located in Central Oregon, Pick-up only, please. I have the following for sale: Single Seat Unit - $150 Triple Seat Unit - $350 4th Row Double Seat Unit (2) - $250 ea...
  5. Ford Transit Classifieds
    Rare Rock and Roll bed. Selling a 2 person seat that turns into a bed. $1800 obo, they run over $3k if you can even find one. Leather excellent condition. Base has been modified to lower seating height.
  6. Want To Buy & Looking For
    I have a 2021 Crew and looking to replace our 2nd row 3-seat for a 36” 2-seat. We have black vinyl so something similar in color would be a plus. Located in Redding, California. Willing to drive a few hours in any direction. Thanks!
  7. Ford Transit Parts
    Foldable seat with seatbelt Price: 50$ + shipping cost Also available for local pick up from Castro valley c CA Weight 60 lb dimension 14 x 30 x 19 ( w x l x h)
  8. Ford Transit Parts
    Foldable seat with seat belt Price: 250$ + shipping cost Also available for local pick up from Castro valley CA Weight 42 lb dimension 16 x26 x19 (w x l x h)
  9. Ford Transit Parts
    2020-21 Ford Transit 150/250/350 Van Pair Dk Gray Cloth Manual Bucket Seats Like new Driver seat price: 150$ + shipping cost Local pick up from Castro Valley CA
  10. Ford Transit Parts
    I am searching for the rails for a 36” bench seat. Any help is greatly appreciated! Cheers
  11. Ford Transit Classifieds
    For sale: A JMG Systems 20 inch single rear seat with factor quick release legs that utilize two of the factory second row mounting locations. Seat is black leatherette, has arm rests and seat belt. I originally purchased to replace second row seat in my 2020 crew van, but have now decided I...
  12. Ford Transit Parts
    I have 3 double seats and a single jumper seat available. Two of the doubles are narrower to fit 4 seats across the transit. They're in very good condition. We converted our van into a camper and no longer need these. $250 each OBO. I'm located in Cincinnati, Ohio
  13. Ford Transit General Discussion
    Hi guys, I'm trying to find a low swivel for the drivers side of a 2021 Transit (MR 148WB). The guys at discountvantruck told me they don't make a low base for the drivers side because of the battery. Do you guys know anyone else that makes a swivel that at least keeps the drivers side seat...
  14. Want To Buy & Looking For
    [UPDATE: Found what i was looking for, thanks everyone] I'm looking to buy a passenger-side, 31" 2-seat section from the rear bench of a 12 passenger van (maybe other configurations have the same seat -- reach out if you think so). I could grab both sides if necessary. Black/grey cloth is...
  15. Want To Buy & Looking For
    I am in the process of purchasing a 2-passenger seat so that I can attach it to a Transit cargo van. I have a 6-month kid and will need this seat to hook up his baby seat to when we go travel. I live in Florida and am willing to travel to Georgia, Alabama, or even pay for shipping.
  16. Ford Transit General Discussion
    I have a 2020 rear seat, will it work with 2015-2019 seat brackets?
  17. Camper Vans and Conversions
    Hey all, I have a 2020 148 WB EL and I want to add a single third seat near the sliding door. I am just curious if the floor stamp is the same for 2015-2020. I am done a lot of research on the process already and it seems to be that most single seat stand alone seats have a center to center...
  18. Ford Transit Parts
    2017 Ford Transit Rear 2 passenger Bench Seat, OEM Black Cloth. Seat has two self contained seat belts and head rests. Seat is 36 1/2 inch wide and 18 inch high. Seat was removed new from a 2017 Ford Transit and never used. Delivery may be available, depending on your location. Can email...
  19. Ford Transit News
    I recently purchased a Ford transit 250 130 wheelbase cargo van and looking to add two seats to the second row. I like how the Ford transit connect seats fold down and I know they take a baby car seat. I was wondering if I could use this seats for the second row or if I should stick with the...
  20. Ford Transit Parts
    I'm in midtown Atlanta, and I'm about to move across the country so I'm looking to unload some extra seats from my 2016 Transit 350 Passenger van. I have the full four seat back row, as well as one two-seater and the two one-seaters. I'm asking $350 for the set, all or nothing. You have to...
1-20 of 25 Results