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  1. Ford Transit Classifieds
    Im selling a Thule 10’8 Omnistor 6300 roof mount(Hideaway) awning that I purchased new for my van build. It is the “roof mount” option which I thought would work for my van and alas it doesn’t. I have a flatline roof rack and they’re designed for the Fiamma awnings according to FVC. Shipping was...
    $900 USD
  2. Exterior
    Has anyone installed Omac side rails (for setting up roof racks) on either the Long or Extended Transits (high roof)? Omac doesn't ship the side rail kit for the Extended, as it is too long. They have to be picked up in Houston, Texas! They do ship the side rails for the Long body. I need...
  3. Camper Vans and Conversions
    Had my van now for a couple of weeks and today took my first step in its conversion. Using DIYVAN's roof towers I affixed my 8020 side rails. Eventually it will hold 400 watts of solar. Had a heck of a time getting an accurate and consistent measurement from the interwebs for the distance...
  4. Ford Transit Parts
    For Sale: Flat Line Van Company aluminum Low Profile Version 1 Roof Rack for a Ford Transit 148” Mid Roof w/Fiamma 45S awning. Black. Rack is aluminum with a steel powder coated air dam. The cross arms are 80/20 aluminum with all stainless steel hardware included. Excellent condition. Rack was...
    $2,100 USD
  5. Others
    Hello all. Alurack ships extra parts that I didn't need (short wheelbase). I am thinking they might work for mounting an awning or for tarp attachment points???? Be interested to see what use they can be put to. No charge. Pick up on Eastern Shore of MD or pay shipping. (Could also pick...
    $0 USD
  6. DIYs and Modifications
    Remembered I had eyebolts I was supposed to use for unistrut L brackets holding the side awning strut🤗🤭. Installed them and tried out the new rack with 20ft pvc pipe to finish the vans shade cover. Worked good, should have no problems with the 12ft S.U.Paddleboard. 🤙
  7. Accessories and Add Ons
    I found this custom fabrication shop on CraigsList while searching classifieds for roof racks. They are online at (Baja Voodoo - ford transit racks). However, their site isn't even secure (not HTTPS), so wondering if they are legit. They don't show up on the forums here. Anyone have their roof...
  8. Ford Transit General Discussion
    I’ve been looking around for a roof rack for my 2018 low roof 130” WB and besides the bulky ugly looking industrial ones and the crazy expensive aluminess rack there doesn’t seem to be too many options. Seen a few online but they say low roof but they are for the 148” WB What racks have you...
  9. Accessories and Add Ons
    Hello all. I am curious what the roof rack options are for the 2021 Transit Crew 130WB MR? I’ve been searching online, but haven’t had much luck. I’m wanting something simple so that I can haul my 13.5” kayak. I will have to offset the MaxxAirFan to one side as well. I was thinking just a two...
  10. Ford Transit Connect General Discussion
    I have a 2020 Transit Connect LWB and I’m looking to add some crossbars for the purpose of adding a roof top tent. Just wondering if anyone has found crossbars that work with the factory side rails. thanks!
  11. Camper Vans and Conversions
    Video & some more photos on the way, wanted to celebrate for a sec though. Still need to plug everything in, but they're secure. Six 100 watt Renogy panels, 60 feet of 8020, and a (permanently open) Maxxair. 🍻
  12. Ford Transit Parts Custom Schedule 80 aluminum roof rack with wide slats. Includes removable magnetic ladder and a light bar. Fits Ford Transit 148" wheelbase, regular body. This is comparable to the Aluminess...
  13. Ford Transit General Discussion
    I have a 2020 Ford Transit. I will have two solar panels installed on the top. The co. customizing it said roof rack is better or you have 16 holes drilled in top for panels. The roof rack I have to go with is $2000 ladder included. The roof rack will use more gas and make noise. Has anyone...
  14. Ford Transit Connect General Discussion
    Why? My 2020 Connect XLT has no channels to allow roof racks to be easily installed. It’s a 122” wheel base and low roof with a side window and rear windows. I love it but why wouldn’t they make it with the channels???
1-14 of 14 Results