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  1. Want To Buy & Looking For
    Have a 2022 Ford Transit High Top that came with factory rear windows. Would like to find someone to swap doors with to get rid of the windows.
  2. DIYs and Modifications
    See photo. I was attempting to drill a hole in the rear door (arrow) but hit something about a 1/4" in and didnt want to drill further without knowing what is in the pillar. I was able to drill a hole for the opposite pillar. Any ideas?
  3. Interior
    A 5 gallon water dispenser jug fell over and spilled about 4 gallons of water near the rear doors. Some of the carpet is wet near the rear, but it looks like it possibly mostly drained through the bottom of the rear doors, hard to be sure though. Are there drain holes under the carpet anywhere...
  4. Want To Buy & Looking For
    We have a brand new white 2021 Transit 250 high roof cargo van with the window in the sliding rear door. I am looking to replace it with a solid door. Located in Northern California 1. Trade my glass version for a solid panel version or 2. Buy a New or Used (like new) solid panel version...
  5. Ford Transit General Discussion
    I need to replace the lower moldings on the rear doors after my husband decimated them today. One is about $80, not bad. The other all websites are quoting $500. $500!!!??? Why?? Is it because the camera is included? I don’t need the camera I just need the plastic. And the camera housing which...
  6. DIYs and Modifications
    Hope this question wasn't answered elsewhere, but I haven't been able to find it. My 2019 Ford Transit 250 cargo van has two handles on the rear door, the funny thumb hole one near the bottom of the door, and a regular pull-out one just below the window, as you would see in a passenger van...
1-6 of 6 Results