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  1. Ford Transit General Discussion
    getting ready to order a Hi-roof, EL Transit with EcoBoost and AWD. All the specs seem to be the same between the T-250 model and T-350 model, except GVWR. The 250 is rated for 9070 pound and the 350 is rated for 9500 pounds. All the data I am seeing on the web appear to indicate both vehicles...
  2. Ford Transit General Discussion
    I've got a 2017 Transit 250, I want to transport a Spacekraft tote liquid container that weighs about 3000 pounds (comes on a 48x48 pallet) a couple hundred miles - is this doable? The cargo weight capacity seems to be right though close to the max for this vehicle... I'm curious if anyone has...
1-2 of 2 Results