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  1. Entire Wagon Interior Available!

    DIYs and Modifications
    Just began the conversion of my 14-passenger wagon to a bare-bones cargo for a camper. I have all the walls, ceiling, flooring with holes cut for chairs, 12 rear chairs, floor brackets, rear AC/ heating vents and ducts, entire rear air bag system, etc. Can post more detailed pictures of certain...
  2. Putting Tie-downs in a passenger Transit

    I would like to have the D-rings put into my transit passenger model while keeping the plastic (mostly) intact. I haven't managed to find anyone here that has done it, but is it possible? I know I would have to likely drill out holes for them, but if anyone else has done this successfully, I...
  3. Non Quick Release Bench Seat

    Ford Transit General Discussion
    Does anyone have a ford transit with non quick release seats? Does anyone know how to remove them. It seems that all of the YouTube videos I watch the seats have a quick release mechanism. These seats have a plate on the floor and bolts holding the seat in place. I just purchased a used 2018...
  4. SOLD. 2017 Ford Transit 350 Medium roof 148"

    Ford Transit Vehicles For Sale
    2017 Ford Transit 350 medium roof, long (148”) wheelbase. 23,000 miles. $29,000 OBO Modular camper/utility/passenger van. Passenger seats were removed (and stored inside). Rubber stock floor was covered with plywood and rubber mat. D-rings replaced the seat bolts. A cabinet and bed were...
  5. Vehicle Chairs for Ford Transit 2017 350 XL 10 passenger seats.

    Ford Transit Parts
    Selling several seats recently taken out of a 2017 350. Will entertain all resonable offers, if shipped buyer pays frieght or available for drop off in Orlando - Miami. These seats are in excellent condition. They are soft leather and quick easy release. 1x 3 person bench, $300 3x 2 person...
  6. 2017 350HD Bus Door Entry Conversion

    Ford Transit Vehicles For Sale
    These don't come available that often for those looking for a large family or for shuttle service. 2017 U4X body code, Ingot Silver, Charcoal cloth, 3.5L Ecoboost, Sync, 24K miles, 13 passenger with cargo space, TCI Mobility bus door conversion, fully electric activated by dash switch, exterior...
  7. Security on Transit Passenger Van for Filmmaking

    Ford Transit General Discussion
    Hi everyone, The filmmaking studio that I'm a part of just purchased a 2016 Transit Passenger 350XLT Medium Roof van for our film production which we're excited to start using. Our plan is to use only 5 seats total (driver, passenger, and 1st row- remove rest) and dedicate the rest of the van...