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  1. For Sale: Left and Right side rear curtain airbags from 2016 350 HD 15 passenger van

    Ford Transit Classifieds
    Hi, Up for sale are both the left and right side rear curtain airbags from my 2016 350 HD 15 passenger wagon van. I have read that the left and right side retail for $3500 for the pair. I will sell the pair for $950 local pickup (San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area).
  2. Ford T-350 Cargo to Passenger Van Conversion Parts/Kit (North Phoenix, AZ)

    Ford Transit Parts
    Hello Everyone! I bought a 2019 T-350 Med-Roof 15-seat Passenger Van and am converting to a camper van; looking to find someone who may want to do the opposite and convert their Cargo Van into a Passenger Van. Selling 13 seats and their tracks, three-piece headliner, one-piece floor cover, two...
  3. StormVan build

    Camper Vans and Conversions
    Hi folks, I'm relatively new here, previously asked a quick question on maximising window sizes earlier and am now a proud owner of a 2017 mid-roof short passenger wagon. First van, first Ford, first camper. I'm a Bay Area Software Engineer who's also a very keen photographer. Hence the...
  4. Family Passenger Van 130 WB Conversion

    Much love to all contributors! I have been reading threads for years and finally pulled the trigger on a new 2018 MR 130 white passenger van with ecoboost. I was holding out for the 2020 AWD but Ford was kind enough to not offer the ecoboost engine in the 130 passenger van. I plan to share my...